The Bag Trick Bandit Hits Again Help Identify This Serial Bank Robber

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The FBI Violent Crimes Task Force and San Diego Police Department are seeking the public’s assistance to identify the individual responsible for five bank robberies in the San Diego area.

This serial robber started before Christmas last year when attempting to rob the Bank of America on December 21, 2016. That same day, the unidentified male then robbed the U.S. Bank. In the second and third robberies, the robber gestured with his hand, which was concealed inside a bag, as if he had a weapon. Hence, this individual was dubbed the Bag Trick Bandit.

During the Sunday, January 22, 2017 robbery and during the January 8, 2017 robbery, the unidentified male displayed a semi-automatic handgun. This robber should be considered armed and dangerous.

In an attempt to disguise himself, the robber wears a dark-colored sweatshirt with the hood covering his head and/or a hat and sunglasses covering his face.

January 22, 2017: U.S. Bank Branch at 3645 Midway Drive in San Diego, California
January 8, 2017: U.S. Bank branch at 3645 Midway Drive in San Diego, California
January 5, 2017: Wells Fargo branch at 4725 Clairemont Drive in San Diego, California (attempted robbery)
December 21, 2016: U.S. Bank branch at 4195 Genesee Avenue in San Diego, California
December 21, 2016: Bank of America branch at 2341 Ulric Street in San Diego, California (attempted robbery)

Description of Robber:
Sex: Male
Race: White
Age: Approximately 30 years old
Height: 6’0” tall
Build: Thin
Hair: Dirty blonde
Clothing: Hoodie sweatshirt, hat, sunglasses

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